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  • Do you have a project we could collaborate on?
  • Is there a training we could plan for your team?
  • Are you planning an event, meetup or conference and would like me to be there help organize or host?
  • Do you have a speaking engagement for me?
  • Do you have suggestions for me for future posts?

I would love to hear from you!

You can reach me at :   or  via Linkedin

One thought on “Contact

  1. Hi Nishi,
    Trust you are doing good. I have seen your articles which was really helpful. Thought I can reach out to you for a help on Agile POD implementation.

    This is Manoj, I work for a pharma based company in UK. I am the program manager. We have multiple products (Azure technology and Agile) in our team and we currently work as different team. We are thinking to move to DEVOPS and have a POD team to effectively manage the multiple products/projects – Which will provide more value and cost effective.

    Need your help please if you have any presentation, slides or articles that will help us implement Agile devops POD. Thanks in advance for your help!


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