Prevention is the Best Cure- for Defects in Agile

The agile methodology focuses on building in quality from the very beginning of the software lifecycle. That is why we aim to find and fix defects early on: A defect found and fixed in an earlier lifecycle phase is a multitude cheaper than the same defect at a later stage.

But how can we more easily make it possible to prevent defects from percolating deeper in the software development lifecycle by fixing them in their nascent stages?

This is the main theme of my latest article for @Gurock TestRail blog – where I explore and explain ways to foresee, analyze and thwart defects in an agile context.

The main points discussed are-


Conduct Reviews

Demonstrate Often

Static Analysis and CI

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Agile Testing Reflections 2017

My first guest post article for Gurock Software GmbH is now up!!

“Agile Testing Reflections 2017” – I have written this as a look back on 2017 – what we learnt this year and taking these learnings forward to the new year.

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The major points I have touched upon in this article are –

         Users are and Always will be King

         DevOps is our Friend

         Skills are More Important than Tools

         ‘Contributor’ vs ‘Tester’

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