Read Along- ‘Agile Testing’ by Lisa Crispin & Janet Gregory

Book Read Blogs Series

I used to love books, reading was a fun and satisfying hobby for the introverted teen I was. But lately I may have gotten away from it for known and unknown reasons. I want to pursue the passion again and hold myself accountable too. So, this year I am starting a ‘Read Along’ series on my blog.

“Agile Testing” by Lisa Crispin & Janet Gregory

I will begin by reading the book I had bought last year. “Agile Testing” by Lisa & Janet is a coveted read for all agile enthusiasts & testers and is also featured in the best books for testers at

I have learnt agile testing by doing it, learning it hands-on, training & running courses on agile testing for professionals. I wanted to enhance my knowledge by reading the professional work by these awesome ladies.

So, I will be reading the book and will post about learnings, things to remember & quotable quotes from each chapter as I progress. This is to hold myself accountable, as well as to help people looking for good reads or learnings. Hope this helps you. Have you read this book? Do share your thoughts & learnings too!

Here are the links to the Chapter-wise posts for this book-

Chapter-1 What is Agile Testing Anyway

Chapter-2 The Principles for Agile Testers

Chapter-3 Cultural Challenges

Chapter-4 Team Logistics

Chapter-5 Transitioning Typical Processes

Chapter-6. The purpose of Testing

Chapter-7 Technology Facing Tests that support the team

Chapter-8 Business Facing Tests that support the team

Chapter-9 Toolkit for Business facing tests that support the team

Chapter-10 Business facing tests that Critique the product

Chapter-11 Critiquing the product using Technology facing tests

Chapter-12 Summary of Testing Quadrants

Chapter-13 Why we want to automate tests and what holds us back?

Chapter-14 An Agile Test Automation Strategy

Chapter-15 An Iteration in the Life of a Tester

Chapter-16 Hit the Ground Running

Chapter-17 Iteration Kickoff

Chapter-18 Coding & Testing

Chapter-19 Wrap up the Iteration

Chapter-20 Successful Delivery

Chapter-21 Key Success Factors

Hope this Read Along Series offers some meaningful insights into this wonderful book and some quick pointers for those looking to get started or get more proficient in their agile testing ways!

Happy Testing!



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